by Kathy

Getting Good Health the RITE Way!


Good health doesn't happen by accident, or by occasional practice--it takes RITUAL practice,  good habits of eating and living , daily, to get there!  On this site you will find much of what I have learned through years of searching and learning, much by trial and error. 

I was blessed to meet Drs. Terry and Mark Stupka from the Center of Natural Healing about five years ago.  I can't thank them enough for setting me straight in many of my ways and teaching me the RITE way to achieve much better health. 

I have done much reading over the years and much surfing over the internet.  Breaking bad habits and learning new ways to prepare and eat the best foods for vitality was perhaps the most significant aspect of my search.  

I have no doubt I will continue to explore and learn new RITES that can keep me healthier.   Join me!

  Kathy Andre-Eames   



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